Immagini da una Apocalisse annunciata


September 10th ~ October 4th, 2009

Rifugio antiaereo dell'EUR, Roma

Within the Apophis project

press release - Italian

Laura De Luca


ENTER THE RESTRICTED AREA (for visitors of the exhibition only)




(your) last (hour) perhaps

ULTIMA FORSAN: Latin idiom engraved as admonition on the medieval sundials. Centuries go by and the unit of measurement mutates. From the sale of indulgences to the economics of fear. During an era of globalised anxieties, scaremongerings, secularised millenarianisms, countdowns, ready-to-wear apocalypses, we suffer the deeds done by the professionals of fear, who deceitfully bolster it and capitalised on it. No, it is no longer our last hour: It is our last nanosecond... [NB The "economics of fear" takes its cue from an article by Marco Cicala]

Respecting the SILENZIO ("silence") posted up on the walls of this site, the installation has a mute soundtrack. By means of a digital technique of steganography (the art of concealing messages), the audio file was inserted into the graphic file from which the print within the apo-astronomical wreckage derives. Even if imperceptibly, this process alters the original image; therefore, you are now looking at the soundtrack too.
Those who wish to listen to that, may visit www.tramaafona.it/ultimaforsan/ and get the audio file. Oops, I forgot: The access is protected by a username (xxxxxxxx) and a password hidden, thanks to one of the oldest steganographic techniques, on the sheet of paper in your hand. Hold over a flame the bottom part (the one below the black line) until it gets brownish; at that point, the (5) letters to be typed will be visible... Those who kept the sheet too close to the flame and need assistance for accessing may write to xxx@xxxxxxxxx.xx


[October 2nd, 2009 | programme - Italian]


[Teatro dell'Angelo, Roma / September 9th, 2009 | programme - Italian]


[Belvedere Cederna, Roma / July 24th, 2008 | Teatro India, Roma / June 30th, 2009 ~ programme - Italian]


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