Calcata, l'arte e la musica


June 25th and 26th, 2011

Le Tele Tolte, Calcata (VT)

press release - Italian



[Grazing the ephemeral harmony]


He not.
He is the sole one not deriding them. He is the sole one knowing what they feel. Mortified, pointed out, different. The out-of-tune notes feel that way, in a pitiless comparison with the harmonic purity of the surrounding ones. But he knows: He knows it's not their fault, he knows it depends on the context and that a note was not born out-of-tune. Therefore he dedicates his existence to listening, always standing day by day, attentive and sensitive to each shade of frequency. He picks the notes that need him, he comforts them looking into their eyes and he carries them with him. Until, periodically, he feels the moment has come: He goes down his 12471 steps, he sits down and, grazing them, he recomposes notes in an ephemeral harmony. They will have a sole and privileged listener. And for the very first time they will feel unique and useful, eventually at ease on their note's life...


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