La città si...cura


April 7th ~ June 28th, 2009

5 locations within Tuscany

(Pisa, S. Maria a Monte, Montopoli, Cascina, Volterra)

Thanks to the first prize in photography at the Giovani Talenti Cercasi contest (promoted by Provincia di Pisa)



[The city takes care of itself (the title contains an untranslatable play on words: Sicura means safe)]

Four looks about the way the city takes care of itself. Pulsating and constantly mutating organism, thanks to the (necessary?) interventions of restoration, renovation and maintenance; and because of the (necessary?) erection of new elements, often risen from the ashes of something preceding and no longer (are we sure?) worth existing... Then a virtual look at the safety at work, flying with the imagination behind those large pieces of cloth or on the top of those cranes. Creating inside the mind stories of real lives, as I use to do during my frequent explorations of abandoned places...




I cross the frontier, providing a regular visa; and I decide to listen to the stories of the Papinia's people: An imaginary(?) realm, named after first name and surname of its founder and current monarch. Hundreds of inhabitants, of every age. The youth, in its immaculate aesthetic perfection, in the blinding purity of a stylistic (and behavioural?) homogeneity. Up to the elders, on whom the experience leaves evident signs, capable to bring out the individual subjectivities and vicissitudes. Hundreds of inhabitants. Some of them will never leave homeland; whereas others, willy-nilly, will abandon it at the first purchasing proposal, with the promise of a better(?) life. I wander throughout the crowd, that's frozen into an apparent immobility. Listening and communicating via a silent Esperanto, extemporaneous and ephemeral. A frozen crowd. That, I'm sure(?), goes back to its quotidian activities as soon as I turn my back to it...


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