Oltre le mura


March 5th~ April 21st, 2009

Centro studi Cappella Orsini, Roma

Works selected for the second edition of Premio Culturale Centro Storico, promoted by Municipality I of Roma

press release - Italian




[(un)cultivated terrains]

Monocolture (19th century) n. violent and intensive cultivation of a species made for several consecutive years on a single terrain, that therefore tends to become arid.

Multiculture (21st century) n. far-sighted policy, respectful of a terrain, that therefore tends to become rich thanks to the contributions of the different cultures involved.

The 19th-century cannon ball embedded in the Mura Aureliane in Roma...
The walls is put to crops...
Two seeds compared..
On the left, a cultivated (tilled) but uncultivated (lacking in culture) terrain...
On the right, a terrain cultivated in both senses...


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